Sinking, in slow motion

Collaborative sound and video perfromance with writer and artist Mel Galley. Supported by Signal Film & Media and Full of Noises. Funded with DYCP Arts Council funding for sound and perfromance artist development. 

Barrow in Furness, June 2023




The launch of a final submarine is anticipated across a coastal peninsula; in the hours leading up to and after the event, we follow an interwoven narrative between characters as they each interact with this moment in their own lives.



Audiences were invited to listen to this speculative fiction short story as the passage of time is charted through a live-mixed video and sound piece that unfolds within the space. 

Following the trails of the characters written by Mel, Núria went on field recording trips to Wanley Island to collect sonic and visual material which she assembled  into  sound scores and she live-mixed in the performance. The abstracted found sounds and images channeled the voice of the landscapes while Mel carried the voices of the characters in a live reading of the story.  


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