Núria is an installation artist researching bio-art and place. Shortly after graduating from Lancaster University she co-founded the GAP Studio, an artist collective located in a space steps away from the Morecambe seaside, a landscape that soon became an extension of her studio. 

Her art practice is curious about the strange entanglements between non-human and human worlds found in the materials and places we inhabit, and inhabit us. Núria collaborates with place and biological organisms through long periods of observation, often playing in the unexplored spaces between art and other disciplines, mediating curious conversations that invite new technologies as creative tools. This can look like long days of field research that end up with the following scene at the studio table: sand and mud under it, stacks of petri dishes on it, and a computer desktop filled with disorganized GPX data files.

Núria’s artwork wants to translate, to open up conversations between unexpected interlocutors, an invitation to notice otherness by bringing non-human scales and temporalities into the map of our perception. She shares her research in digital formats and multimedia installations that layer sculpture with moving image and sound. Moving maps you can step into.  

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